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How We Started

Travel Brand Africa

Travel Brand is rooted in admiration for the African landscape and wildlife. 

Established in 2012, founder Joggie Botha created the company out of an unwavering passion for bushveld exploration and sought to spend as much time as he could under the expansive African skies. 

Soon, Travel Brand’s many successful local projects caught the eyes of various tourism destinations across both the country and its borders. 

Today, the company caters to South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, and beyond. 

We curate visually striking photographic marketing campaigns for lodges, hotels, and the travel industry. We aim to shed light on the myriad wildlife, wilderness, and wonderful destinations scattered across the continent of Africa. 

Through the delivery of high-quality, unparalleled marketing content, we’re able to capture the attention of your desired audience, engage them through emotive visuals, and inspire them with authentic brand storytelling. 

Our innate understanding of the subject at hand and our humble appreciation for the offerings you provide sets us apart. We always go the extra mile in everything we do as we truly want the best for your brand, location, and African tourism as a whole.

Meet The Team

We still get excited about every project we receive, no matter how big or small.

Travel Brand Africa - Joggie Botha

Founder and Director

Joggie Botha

Joggie’s childhood is steeped in a passion for wildlife, travel, and conservation.

Joggie started his career as a full-time Game Ranger in the Timbavati Private Game Reserve, serving the wilderness for over eight years. He picked up his first video camera during this time, and capturing precious memories transformed from a hobby into devotion. 

Through various projects and opportunities, Joggie honed his photography and videography skills. After realising that his lens could tell the story of the many cherished environments, he became a full-time travel photographer in Africa. 

He has since shifted his focus to travel and tourism destinations.

“With my profound knowledge of the African bush, Travel Brand is purposed to produce content that allows our audience to connect to places, people, and wildlife.”

  • Professional Photographer & Videographer for 15 years
  • Accompanied International guests to Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa, capturing their travel highlights. 
Travel Brand Africa - Joggie Botha

Senior Editor & Director of Photography

Phillip Fouche

An incredible asset to our team, playing an important role in the making of our films and guiding our offline and online post-production processes. 

He has a talent for capturing moments in a beautiful and cinematic way, giving a real edge to our films. Through his expertise and experience, Phillip has developed a unique visual style that shines through every one of our films. 

Phillip has travelled to Europe (Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Serbia), Asia (Thailand, Philippines), and the Americas (USA, Mexico, Guatemala) with his camera in his hand. He inhabits a passion for music, combined with a keen eye and ear for what is required to evoke emotion and deliver concise messaging.

Phillip comes from a corporate and wedding background. He has energy like no other, loves adventure, and is an unmatched addition to our team.
We are a production company specialising in producing films and photography for the travel and tourism industry in Africa.
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